Cotton Bales

Paradise NutriAgro Inc fully automatic cotton ginning process separates the cotton fibers from cotton seed without the slightest injury to either cotton seeds or to the cotton fiber.

Paradise NutriAgro cotton gins are installed with the latest equipment to produce quality ginned cotton bales for end purchasers in spinning mills and quality cotton seed for end purchases in cotton seed oil mills.


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A bale of cotton is a commercial package consisting of cotton lint more or less tightly compressed, covered with bagging, and bound with ties.A bale of cotton is pressed, compressed or tied bundle of a commodity or merchandise usually wrapped in an outer covering.

Cotton bales made from raw cotton after processing of ginning and pressing. Raw cotton goes in ginning for gin process in which first cleaning process happen on raw cotton. Then removing moisture from cotton than after cotton lint separate from cotton seeds. Cotton seed goes in oil mil for extracting oil from it and cotton lint in pressing unit. Pressing unit press the cotton lint and make standard size of cotton bale. Our Cotton bales are very suitable for transportation from nation to nation. Modern cotton production has evolved in time to become highly mechanized. It is truly a worldwide market.

One 480 pound bale of cotton produces 8,340 handkerchiefs, 760 men’s dress shirts, 290 men’s jeans, 900 women’s blouses, 350 women’s jeans, 210 full-size sheets and 3,670 men’s socks.


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26mm, 27mm, 28mm, 29mm, 30mm


3.0-3.4, 3.5-4.9


170 kg/Bale